HIOPOS is an online platform, which includes:

HIOFFICE, a powerful and versatile ERP that meets the needs of the company, as well as being highly customizable and programmable.

HIOPOS includes a point-of-sale application for all types of Android terminals, and different business adaptations based on different types of business and needs, which can be centralized through HIOFFICE.

The platform includes powerful connectivity tools (BRIDGE) with external applications.

HIIOPOS integrates a valuable data analysis system called Analytics, in the form of a dashboard. This tool is highly configurable according to the needs of each client, to monitor in real time not only the points of sale, but also everything that happens in the head office.

The HIOPOS platform makes it possible to extend physical stores to the web through online sales, allowing different types of business to be deployed quickly and safely in a simple, comfortable, efficient, and economical way.