HIOPOS has a vertical for establishments that sell by sizes and colors, centralizing all available sizes and colors in a single product on the screen. These establishments can be: fashion stores, sports, motorcycling, etc… The adaptability of HIOPOS is very wide with regard to these establishments.

Stock Management

With mobile stock control solutions, easily and efficiently control your stock, movements between warehouses and receipt of goods.

In addition, from HIOFFICE maintaining the centralized stock of the different premises is much simpler and requires less effort. With the B2B solutions, maintain the management of purchases and distribution between warehouses in an efficient and comfortable way.

Sizes and colors

With size and color management, quickly and easily assign size and color charts to items. Buy and sell by sizes and colors quickly and intuitively. And get detailed sales and purchasing information to plan your business.

Analiza la información en tiempo real con HIOPOS Analytics

HIOPOS Analytics is an essential tool to follow the evolution of your business in real time. Access from any device regardless of its operating system: Windows, Linux, IOS or Android, to consult the dashboards that include KPIs with the main statistics in the form of data and graphs, which allow you to analyze the evolution of the business.

Make more agile and strategic decisions thanks to the information you receive in real time about your businesses, whether it is one or several. Filter the information using its powerful filters and explore your data from a new perspective.

Centralize your establishments

HIOFFICE is the HIOPOS ERP that will allow you to centralize all your establishments remotely regardless of where your premises are located.

Create rates, promotions, items, families, vendors… centrally without going to each establishment. In the same way, centralize the purchases of all your points of sale. Discover the power and mobility of HIOFFICE without the need to install any software or more.


Customers, suppliers and employees
Customize your sales ticket
Pending sales assigned to a customer
Easy management of sizes and colors
Personalize offers
Barcodes and references
Periodic offers
Centralized management of establishments
Control the costs of each item
Mass import of articles from files
Real time statistics
Cash control